HR Strategy

January 21, 2020

People analytics should inform your business strategy. Here’s why

Imagine you could use “soft” people analytics metrics and turn that into real, business...

Employee Engagement

January 17, 2020

CEOs you play a crucial role in engaging your employees. Here’s how

CEOs and employee engagement go together like avo and toast. A Millennial told me that.  CEOs...

Company Culture

January 14, 2020

Why getting your company culture right is an effective business strategy

Humans want to be part of something bigger. We want to feel part of a team. It speaks to the...

Employee Engagement

January 09, 2020

Why an employee engagement strategy will boost sales team productivity

Expecting your sales team to be productive without an employee engagement strategy is like...

Employee Recognition

January 07, 2020

3 CEOs that are leading the employee recognition agenda

Much the same as leaving a family WhatsApp group, employee recognition programs are becoming...

Employee Engagement

December 30, 2019

Employee rewards have never been easier than with bountiXP. Take a look

Employee rewards and recognition programs are some of the hottest HR topics for 2020. However,...

Company Culture

December 23, 2019

Why you need bountiXP for a more aligned organisational culture

An aligned organisational culture is a beautiful thing to behold. Even if you don’t happen to be...

Company Culture

December 19, 2019

Employee recognition will transform your company culture. Here’s how

Addressing company culture when you don’t exactly know why you should be doing it can seem a lot...

Employee Engagement

December 17, 2019

5 Tried and tested tips to giving better employee feedback

As a CEO, manager or HR professional, giving employee feedback can feel a lot like watching your...

Employee Retention

December 12, 2019

3 Strategies for retaining top talent in 2020

Retaining top talent will become an even bigger challenge for South African companies in 2020,...