Employee productivity

April 10, 2019

9 Ways to boost employee productivity in your workplace

Businesses require people to be busy - it’s right there at the core of the word. But how do you...

Work-life balance

April 08, 2019

Work-life balance is good for business. Here’s why!

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is a pretty tall order - even when you’re only in charge...

Employee loyalty

April 03, 2019

The low-down on employee loyalty & why it's so important

If you feel like you’ve been seeing the term ‘employee loyalty’ all over the place recently, we...

Multi-generational workforce

April 01, 2019

5 Tips for managing a multi-generational workforce in 2019

Managing a multi-generational workforce in 2019 is a lot like getting into CrossFit - it’s...


March 25, 2019

How employee recognition creates a productive work environment

Employee recognition has been a hot topic of late, and with good reason - human resources...

Employee engagement scores

March 20, 2019

My employee engagement scores came back negative, what now?

You’ve done the hard work already, you’ve developed your survey with all the right questions and...

Recognition Budget

March 18, 2019

HR: Your guide to sourcing and allocating recognition funds

Your recognition proposal was successfully accepted, you have the buy-in you needed to get going.

Measuring employee recognition

March 13, 2019

4 Ways to measure your employee recognition program like a pro

Do you measure your recognition program? At bountiXP we are firm believers in the power of...

Employee engagement barriers

March 11, 2019

5 Common barriers to employee engagement and how to overcome them

Picture this. It’s 8am and you walk into an office full of smiling, happy people, all diligently...

Leading employee engagement

March 06, 2019

A manager's guide to leading employee engagement

Leading employee engagement is a tall order, no matter how big or small your enterprise may be....