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10 Companies that have the best company culture

best company culture

It’s 2020, and every company out there seems to be striving for the best company culture possible. Well, the companies that are going to be around to be remembered, at least.

If you still know someone running a business who’s under the impression that a focus on corporate culture is somehow optional, ‘something those Millennial snowflakes dreamed up’ or ‘a waste of time’, you should really encourage them to rethink their line of work or go for a nice, long deprogramming session. 

Happily, there are plenty of (thriving!) companies out there (coining it!) that have made it their business to supercharge their company culture.

Here are 10 enterprises from around the globe who are doing it right to inspire some inspiring moves on your part in 2020 and beyond: 


1. Twitter 

Twitter is known for having a casual, learning-based environment where friendliness and inclusion extends beyond a mere facade. The people behind the brand really seem to understand that creating an inviting space where people enjoy being has a direct impact on the effectiveness of the team and their fiscal wellbeing in the long run. As a result, their employees are highly engaged and talent retention has never been better. 


2. Google

Ah, Google. Have you seen the pictures of their offices around the world? Wouldn’t you just love to work in one of these epic spaces? It looks so amazingly inspiring! The company is known for a buzzing corporate culture that is based on management looking after their team, so their team can focus on the job on hand. As such, Googlers can expect everything from free meals, an on-site gym and laundry services, to a variety of engagement trips, games, parties and more. 


3. Microsoft 

Microsoft took top honours among the top employers in South Africa for 2020 as ranked by the Top Employers Institute. The ranking is based on employers that provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organisation, and which strive to continuously optimise employment practices.

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4. Facebook

The Facebook business model is all about connection, and this extends to the way they manage their in-house personnel as well. They understand that the success of their business hinges on roping in top talent and that company culture is often a consideration for candidates who are weighing their options. As such, the perks are top-notch. Management also takes care to address the challenges of a highly competitive work environment by promoting a flat organisational culture and creating literal breathing space in the form of lots of outdoor roaming space, a variety of conference rooms and separate buildings. 


5. Nike

Nike is known for providing their employees with ample opportunity for growth and development. As a sports brand, they live by the credo that a healthy body houses a healthy mind, so their offices feature everything from gyms and on-site physiotherapists, to tennis courts, a basketball court and more. There are also on-demand classes and courses available on merchandising, leadership, and management for employees who want to reach greater heights in their career. 


6. Chevron

Chevron takes great care to focus on their employees' sense of safety and well-being at work, and has fostered a culture where everyone looks out for one another. They also conduct their business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, respecting the law and universal human rights to benefit the communities where they work.


7. Vodacom 

Next in line among the top employers in South Africa for 2020 as ranked by the Top Employers Institute was Vodacom. They were singled out based on criteria like talent strategy, workforce planning, on-boarding, as well as learning and development. 


8. REI

REI is an outdoor brand that bases its hiring choices on finding candidates that share interests with the company. Their culture is owned and propelled by employees who lived and breathed their ideals even before they set foot in an interview room. The company also operates as a cooperative, with profits benefiting all member-owners in equal measure. 


9. Adobe 

The management team at Adobe places a lot of trust in their employees and have found that this leads to independent employees who take initiative and drive company growth from the inside out. They are known for setting interesting challenges, and providing their team with the resources and support they need to get the job done while steering clear of micromanagement at any cost. Adobe managers see themselves as coaches and mentors, allowing their talent pool to set goals and figure out how it should be assessed. 


10. Accenture

Accenture ranked third among the top employers in South Africa for 2020 as decided by the Top Employers Institute. The business stood out from local competitors due to a strong focus on leadership development, career and succession management, as well as compensation and benefits. 

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There you have it - 10 businesses that are in the enviable position of being known as enterprises with the best company culture. As you can probably tell, this perception is based on far more than roof-top meetings, top-notch health insurance, free meals, open working spaces and dog-friendly offices. Great company culture is based on the belief that employee happiness is not something that occurs by accident, but a business goal like any other. When employees feel valued and seen, a positive workplace culture is something that develops naturally.  

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