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10 Incentive ideas for call centre staff to help boost morale



Call centre agents are a special breed of human. These saints operate in an industry where up to 76% of contact centres report a lack of budget, they are expected to adapt to new IT and CRM systems at the drop of a hat, and progression opportunities are few and far between due to flat structures.  


As such, it only makes sense that incentive ideas for call centre staff should be tailor-made for the environment in which they work. Plying your trade in a call centre can be a tough gig; having a job that hinges on this type of people-centric work has been proven to require very focussed emotional management, and can often lead to stress and burnout if conditions aren't ideal.


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Fortunately, there are simple ways to boost morale among the folks that serve as the voice of your company on a daily basis. Here are ten innovative incentive ideas for call centre staff that will serve to supercharge employee engagement from the inside out in 2020:  


1. Dibs on the best time slots 


Since many call centres operate 24/7, employees will always be vying for preferential work shifts. This may also differ from one person to the next. Our circadian rhythms aren't all tuned to the same metronome - some people are night owls while others are larks 


This is why you may very well find that there are certain members of your workforce who will actually prefer to work at night, while others will give their eye teeth to have the conventional 9-5 time slot so they can take care of familial responsibilities, etc. As such, offering high performers the option to choose their time slots first can be a great performance incentive in a call centre environment.  


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2. Gamified tools and tactics 


Agent attrition can be a big issue in call centres when there is little room for growth and nothing is done to relieve the somewhat monotonous nature of the job at regular intervals. In fact, inbound call centre agents rank as one of the highest turnover jobs in the world, with a turnover rate of up to 45% in certain cases.  


One way to reduce turnover and poor performance is to invest in gamification to motivate employees to engage and achieve. With the right SaaS-based platform, you can use the latest technology to make day-to-day tasks far more exciting.  


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3. Ongoing training options 


Incentivise performance by offering top-performing agents the option to go for additional training that could make them eligible for future promotions etc. However, not everything has to be about work. You could also offer personal development opportunities that don’t have anything to do with call centre work, e.g. cooking classes, yoga sessions, etc.  


4. Spot prizes for exceptional performance 


Call centre agents have to deal with tough calls on a daily basis. Make a point of rewarding exceptional handling of a difficult client with on-the-spot giveaways and a little impromptu celebration. This type of public recognition is a great driver of psychological safety and invaluable in stressful work environments.  


5. Options on preferred seating locations 


Working in a call centre means spending long hours seated in front of a computer. Allowing top performers to move to preferred seating areas (e.g. near a window, or in a more private location) can serve as an excellent incentive.  


6. Cubicle comforts 


Offering your agents to upgrade their seating situation is another way to dial up the drive to perform. Most call centres already have ergonomic chairs, but the option of trading up for an even sleeker model is a good way to get your team motivated. Alternatively, if some of your agents are into it, you could even put a health-boosting standing desk set-up on the table as a possible reward for top performance.  


7. Brain food and healthy snacks 


Employees who work long hours can often make the mistake of trying to stay alert and energised by topping up on caffeine and refined sugars. By now, we all know that this is a recipe for disaster. Try offering healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, vegetable crudites and dips like hummus or guacamole; or go all out and invest in a blender and pre-prepped smoothie bags that hungry agents can quickly turn into a mood-boosting meal.  


8. Eat-out treats


Speaking of eats, another nice incentive idea for call centre staff is meal vouchers from a variety of vendors that they can either use for lunch at work, or keep in the bag to enjoy with their families at home. FYI, access to this type of digital voucher reward is another cool functionality of our employee engagement platform, bountiXP 


9. One-on-one sessions with lifestyle management professionals 

Have you ever considered giving your call centre agents access to lifestyle management professionals like personal trainers, dieticians, home organisers or even estate planners? Many employees may be in need of guidance in these aspects of their lives, and would jump at the chance of getting some one-on-one time with a professional of their choice.  


10. Impromptu time away from the office 

Sometimes the best reward can be some time to yourself. Consider making impromptu time away from the office a spot prize optional for on-the-fly recognitionInstant recognition has been linked to increased productivity, greater employee satisfaction in the workplace, enhanced teamwork, and more.  This may require some sleek resource management, but when executed correctly, it can become a fantastic incentive to perform at optimal levels throughout the day.  


These ten incentive ideas for call centre staff will make all the difference in your team’s overall employee experience. 


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