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5 Ways HR tech can drive organisational alignment and employee engagement

Organisational alignment


Alignment is a great thing. Whether you’re talking spinal column, stars, chakras, kitchen cabinetry, tables in MS Word, or images in HTML, it’s always nice when things line up. So naturally, organisational alignment is also a major vibe. Today we’ll take a look at HR tech tools that you can use at your place of business to drive alignment and employee engagement. 

First things first, let’s get on the same page regarding an organisational alignment with a definition. 


What is organisational alignment? 

Definition: Organisational alignment refers to cohesion between human resources, processes and HR tech as it pertains to the pursual of the strategic objectives of an enterprise. 

In normal-person lingo that translates to people, things and technology working together as one happy family to achieve the same set of end goals; i.e. nobody is struggling to get their work done because they’re bogged down by red tape and clunky digital platforms that are more trouble than they’re worth. When alignment is on point within your organisation, things feel effortless and everyone has the tools they need to make some bottomline-enhancing magic. 


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In the meantime, we’ll be giving you some practical tips on using HR technology to drive organisational alignment and employee engagement in one fell swoop. 


5 Ways to drive organisational alignment & employee engagement with HR technology:


1. Reduce confusion and stress with shift scheduling software


Even if your business does not work on a shift-based system, the ability to schedule meetings, book personal time and vacations, and apply for overtime on a single platform vastly reduces the scope for confusion and misunderstandings. It also allows HR to adjust labour levels based on demand. 


2. Allow for a mobile workforce by investing in MWM tools


Effective mobile workforce management (MWM) has become imperative at a time when working remotely is a time - and fuel-saving option for a far larger segment of the workforce than ever before. When you invest in time-tracking software, productivity management tools, logging systems and communication platforms that facilitate this shift, you are one step closer to fostering organisational alignment.  


3. Facilitate a flow of information with self-service software


Update your human resource information systems to include self-service functionality. If your employees are able to log in themselves to adjust their personal information (for instance), it streamlines their day-to-day admin, and frees up some time for your HR team to focus on other aspects of their jobs. 


4. Streamline recognition and reward throughout your business


There is a reason why our mothers teach us 'please' and 'thank you' as soon as we start to talk - it's because it works. Organisational alignment is closely tied to employee engagement - when one is in place, the other is likely to follow. And if there is one thing that really boosts employee engagement, it’s recognition and reward. Investing in an intuitive HR platform that allows employees and managers to dole out metaphorical high fives on the fly is one of the simplest ways to pave the way for a happy, engaged workforce who feel that they are validated for their efforts.  


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5. Get the right people from the start with recruitment tech


Organisational alignment is so much easier to achieve when you recruit the right people from the start. As a manager of humans, it’s important to remember that people are who they are and they are quite unlikely to change their base personalities to fit in with a group. This is why it makes so much sense to recruit people who are likely to fit in with your current crew. Between social media platforms like LinkedIn and job boards like Indeed.com, there are plenty of ways to narrow down the initial candidate search and even implement screening tests that will point out potential shining stars. 


Short on time? Here are the crib notes. You can drive organisational alignment by: 


  1. Reducing confusion and stress with scheduling software
  2. Allowing for a mobile workforce by investing in MWM tools
  3. Facilitating a flow of information with self-service software
  4. Streamlining recognition and reward throughout your business
  5. Getting the right people from the start with recruitment tech

Sounds pretty blissful right?


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