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7 Commonly asked questions about employee recognition and engagement

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If you’ve been contemplating the benefits of employee recognition and engagement in the face of the uuuugh-inducing economic pressures that follow in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re sure you’ve collected a few questions along the way. 

After all, channeling company funds in employee recognition and rewards when your business is already under pressure can seem like a funny way to go about things. Unless you understand the enormous benefits of investing in your workforce of course…

So, to make things a little clearer, we thought we’d share the answers on a few of the most commonly asked questions about our employee recognition and engagement platform, bountiXP. Here goes!

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1. What does an employee recognition and engagement platform cost? 

Let’s get right down to brass tacks, shall we? Times are tough, and although everyone can agree that a happily engaged workforce is a great thing to have, we also have to watch our bottom lines, overheads and corporate piggy banks in general. 

This is why a scalable SaaS-based solution like bountiXP is a great way to go. Instead of paying a blanket subscription rate per month, the price of your package is based on the number of members on your team, and the amount of bells and whistles you prefer. This starts from as little as R42 per person per month for the platform. The rewards themselves are calculated over and above that, of course. 


2. What are some of the major upshots of employee recognition and engagement?

Oh my, there are so many. We’ve written about it here, here and here. Just to start with, you’re looking at increased productivity, an improved employer brand, better employee retention rates, enhanced employee satisfaction levels, supercharged teamwork, and so much more. 


3. Couldn’t we just wing it? Do we need a platform as such? 

You could totally wing it and it could either work, or not. However, when you link your recognition efforts with organisational goals in a structured way, you help to focus your employees’ productivity. By motivating and engaging your team effectively you will get more output at the same level of investment, which is key if you’re thinking in terms of ROI. 

When you choose bountiXP, you benefit from something we call dual-purpose recognition. Messages of recognition and appreciation appear on a shared newsfeed, which places a visible focus on behaviours that are supporting the company's business strategy, and shows it in action. This is an absolutely ideal way to improve efficiency and raise productivity. 


4. I heard it helps to drive core company values - how exactly does that work? 

Core company values are important now more than ever. These values provide a roadmap for employee decision-making and serve as a benchmark for internal communications. There is also a direct correlation between company values and employee engagement, not to mention the fact that your values tell your customers what your business is about. Moreover, the right values attract suitable talent. 

Because bountiXP links each instance of employee recognition or reward directly with a predetermined company value, it ensures that values-based behaviour becomes a living part of the business practice, no matter if your employees are working from home full-time, or elect to do so a few times per week or month. 

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5. Will a program like this work for my dispersed team? 

YES. In all caps. The right kind of employee recognition and engagement platform will enable and energise your team by means of connection and collaboration, no matter when or where they are working. This is why bountiXP’s cloud-based platform is so popular with companies that have mixed teams of people working in the office, as well as remotely. 

The platform is accessible 24/7 from any device, which helps recognition to flow up, down and across any given enterprise all day, every day and becomes a cohesive measure that binds a team from within. By empowering and energising employees to support one another and collaborate in innovative ways, it bridges potential divisive issues like time and location. 

6. Won’t an extra platform take up even more of my employees’ time? 

Not when you choose the right platform. We get it - everyone is feeling a little overburdened by tech these days. Between social media, IM, collaboration interfaces and video communication platforms, it seems that there is something blinking or pinging at you from your PC or mobile every second of the day. 

This is why the developers of bountiXP went out of the way to tailor a friction-free user experience aimed at effortless adoption. Here’s a video that explains how it works. The short of the long is that it has been designed to slot in seamlessly with any existing HR tech, and is so easy (and rewarding!) to use that it will soon become a part of your team’s everyday internal communication habits. 


7. What type of rewards get the best results? 

To reinforce the behaviours that drive organisational success, you should provide your employees with reward experiences that are meaningful, memorable and personal. That is why bountiXP offers a comprehensive range of employee-centric rewards that include digital vouchers, rewards cards supported by Mastercard®, virtual online shopping cards, as well as experience and travel rewards. 

This way, employees are free to choose their preferred reward from a bouquet of options that span practical choices like airtime and data, donations to charities of their choice, as well as personal indulgences like manicures, gorgeous meals, or trips with the family. The sky’s the limit with bountiXP; after all, when your team gets to decide how to ‘spend’ their kudos, it’s all the more effective.

There you have it - a bit of insider perspective on some of the employee recognition and engagement questions we get from prospective clients on a regular basis. Touch base soon; we’ll be sharing more valuable insight right here. In the meantime, remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for great videos on innovative HR solutions, strategies and tech trends. 

Check out our YouTube channel for awesome videos on everything from the science of employee recognition to creating an internal communications strategy for enhanced engagement.


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