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9 Ways a strong work culture can help achieve your business objectives

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A strong workplace culture is a lot like a litter of fluffy Labrador puppies, freshly laundered linen on your bed, that first sip of a really good cup of coffee in the morning, or Jason Momoa without his shirt on - it’s a good, happy thing that benefits everyone.

Why so?

Well, when workplace culture and strategy are aligned, great things tend to follow. Here are 9 clear-cut ways a strong work culture can help your company to achieve its business objectives in 2020 and beyond: 


1. Happy, satisfied customers

All profitable businesses have one important thing in common - they have satisfied customers who stick around, spend more per purchase and refer to other folks. Although most marketing companies would like you to believe otherwise, this is not the result of clever promotional campaigns, memorable logos or top-of-mind advertising; it's the result of a great product or service, backed by seamless customer service. It's as simple as that. What does this have to do with work culture? Simple. When a team functions as a well-aligned unit, they put forth exceptional work, and customers can always tell. 


2. Improved sales and revenue gains

Piggybacking on our previous point, a positive work culture leads to improved sales and revenue gains because customers are dealing with employees who are well-positioned in their jobs and happy to be there. When this is the case, doing business is normally easy and quite pleasant - the kind of experience people are willing to pay good money for. 

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3. Strong and steady company growth

The best indicator for the long-term success of any business is sustainable growth, which is completely impossible without good work ethic and dependable employee performance. These factors, in turn, are dependent on the hard work and stellar performance of highly engaged employees. And if there is one thing that boosts employee engagement like nobody's business, it's a good company culture. 

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4. Highly motivated employees

Highly motivated employees find enjoyment in their work, this much is true, but it's more than that - when people truly find purpose in their day-to-day activities and have the opportunity to fulfil professional goals as well, they are optimally motivated to achieve greater heights. A strong work culture with well-defined values is essential if you wish to set the stage for this kind of awesome. 

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5. Level-headed decision-making

When employees are aware of their company's mission, vision and values, they are very well-positioned to make decisions in line with these guidelines. By using it as a framework of reference throughout their workday ('what would Company X do?'), it's far easier to make choices and decisions that are in line with overall company goals. 


6. Top talent attraction 

Attracting and retaining top talent is becoming increasingly complex as the job market develops and highly-skilled individuals are being courted by top companies. Jobseekers will tell you that first impressions are everything when it comes to selecting potential employers, and these days these first impressions are often formed based on online research long before they choose to apply for a job at your company. 

Working environments with clearly defined values and a sense of purpose are preferred, and prospective employees also look at how much a business values its people. This info is simple enough to find on review websites like Glassdoor. As such, if word on the street points to a happy working culture, your company will be in the pound seats! 

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7. Exceptional employee retention

Employees tend to stay in jobs where they are well-treated, properly resourced, valued for their contribution and given the opportunity to grow and excel. When your company culture is based on doing good by your workforce, employee retention skyrockets and the benefits are numerous - a reduction in talent churn equals a more cohesive workforce, improved performance and many other good things. 


8. Healthier employees and fewer sick days

When a business takes care to promote work-life balance as a part of their culture, employees are far less stressed, healthier and less likely to take sick days simply to recover from the rigours of their everyday work life. Naturally, this boosts overall productivity and profitability. 


9. A very nice company image

Word of mouth has never been more important than in 2020. Conscious consumers are increasingly turning to platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Yelp to find out more about a company’s culture before they choose to do business with them. If you have a strong work culture that makes for good reviews and happy employee commentary, this definitely counts in your favour. 

There you have it - nine very important ways in which a robust company culture can provide your business with a strategic advantage in the marketplace. When the benefits are as clear-cut as all that, it’s a no-brainer - make the development of a healthy corporate culture a priority in the year to come, and get ready to reap some serious long-term benefits. 

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