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9 Ways to boost employee productivity in your workplace

boost employee producitivity

Businesses require people to be busy - it’s right there at the core of the word. But how do you promote employee productivity without going all Mussolini on your workforce?

Is there some magic formula that turns disengaged workers into sparkly, imma-crush-that-deadline dynamos who are fully in it to win it?

Well, no and yes...

NO. There is no cookie-cutter formula that will whip your workforce into shape. Every company differs and, more importantly, your team is made up of a whole bunch of individuals with different skills, weaknesses and personal quirks. Your company’s vibe is something wholly unique and if you want to boost employee productivity in that singular space, you need to get to grips with the humans that make up your crew.

But also a little bit YES. While you’re in the process of evaluating your company’s unique employee profile and tailoring a strategy that speaks to your team specifically, there are certain universal ways to lay the groundwork for employee productivity that you can start initiating right away. Here are ten top tips to get you started.


9 Ways to boost employee productivity in 2019:

1. Create a safe space

Employees working in a hostile working environment are fairly unlikely to bring their A game. If increasing productivity is your main goal for the year ahead, you should aim to improve employee morale from the start. When your workforce knows you always have their back no matter how complicated things might get, you’re already paving the way for improved employee engagement.

2. Know where they come from

You can measure employee productivity all you want, but if you don't know your team members and where they come from, it's always going to be hit and miss. Do you have a junior employee who works for you from 9 to 5 and then rushes off to further their studies at night? Or perhaps one of your employees recently got a divorce and now has to juggle a single-parent lifestyle with their work duties? While there is a line when it comes to involvement on a personal level, knowing what motivates your workers also allows you to create a workable support system.

3. Invest in continuous training

If you want to enjoy incredible efficiency gains, you should check that your employees have the necessary skills to get their jobs done. People waste time when they don't quite know what they're doing. Training boosts confidence, and confidence is a vital component of employee productivity. In short - train, train and train some more.

4. Reward & incentivise

Workplace productivity tends to skyrocket when there are plenty of small, reachable goals in place. Employee recognition forms an integral part of keeping morale up and elevating company culture - and it doesn’t always have to take the form of a two-week holiday to the Seychelles. Scale recognition to suit your enterprise and you will soon reap the rewards.

5. Be consistent & own your authority

In the process of productivity measuring, be consistent and own your authority. Yes, employees should be encouraged to voice their opinions on the matter, but in the end the buck should stop with the superior.

6. Get everyone the right tools for the job

It's much easier to pull off stellar customer service when you have the right tools for the job. The amount of time that is wasted when workers are under-resourced can lead to major losses. For certain businesses this may mean investing in a high-powered UPS to keep the WiFi running when the power is down; for others, it could mean a software upgrade, a new industrial-grade oven, or some fresh learning material.

7. Facilitate skill sharing

While employees may be doing similar work on an individual level, there is a lot to be said for sharing the love. Create opportunities for skill sharing between colleagues in your business. This approach not only allows the instructor to show off their expertise a little bit, but it also gives the rest of your crew the opportunity to learn something that could boost their productivity.

8. Cheer on the victories

Management apps and time tracking are all good and well, but you are far more likely to improve employee productivity with the proverbial carrot than the stick.  Employee appreciation is something every forward-thinking management team should practice. Make the time to give props where props are due, and encourage everyone else in your business to do the same. Sometimes a basic “hi there, I see you, you rocked that presentation” can go a long way.

9. Level the playing field

Retaining top talent is a major focus point for any business, but in the end, you cannot value one employee over another. Playing favourites may be human, but when you stand at the helm of a multifaceted workforce, doing so openly will almost definitely split loyalties and lead to resentment. Treat your employees as equals and level the playing field to promote employee productivity.

There you have it - a few ways in which you can start to lay the groundwork for employee productivity at your place of work. It’s mostly common sense, but it makes all the difference when you put the theory into practice.

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