employee engagement strategies

January 16, 2019

8 strategies to effectively maintain employee engagement in the workplace

Employee engagement is not a zero-sum game of getting more from employees for less. Rather it...

HR tech

January 10, 2019

4 reasons why you need to leverage HR Tech for sustainable business growth

Growing a business is seen as a sign of success and the faster a business grows, the better...

Employee Recognition

January 08, 2019

Employee Recognition: The ultimate kickstart for a great company culture

If we were to take the signage down in the offices of Taxify and Uber and put yourself right...

Employee Performance

January 03, 2019

Your 5-step guide to handling poor employee performance

Business leaders know that a high-performing workforce is an essential ingredient for...

Employee Engagement

December 19, 2018

5 simple steps to calculate employee engagement levels

Poor employee performance is one reason employers wish to calculate engagement levels. But...

Performance Management

December 18, 2018

3 Ways performance management can engage employees

Are your employees engaged? Yes. No. Maybe?

Employee Recognition

December 13, 2018

The essential employee recognition checklist

Employee recognition is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a proven mechanism for harnessing human...

Employee Engagement Trends

December 13, 2018

Employee Engagement Trends for 2019

The understanding of what attracts, engages and retains employees has moved along in the last...

Recognition Program

December 12, 2018

10 steps to building a successful employee recognition program

The world of work is rapidly changing. We’ve seen increased levels of automation, digitisation...

Employee Recognition

December 11, 2018

3 ways employee recognition can drive innovation

2019 is nearly upon us. If the Jetsons were right, by now, a Monday morning would consist of...