Employee Retention

August 14, 2020

4 Strategies to avoid employee churn

2020 has been a whirlwind for economies across the globe.  Businesses en masse had to close...

Company Culture

August 13, 2020

15 Company culture survey questions and top tips

Getting the right information means asking the right questions, especially on a company culture...

Employee Recognition

August 11, 2020

The tried and tested employee recognition framework to boost motivation and performance

A well-tailored employee recognition framework is a lot like a TikTok video of a baby doing a...

Employee Recognition

August 06, 2020

Digital employee recognition has never been easier than with bountiXP

Digital employee recognition is on every HR professional’s mind these days, and with good reason...

Employee Recognition

August 04, 2020

10 Incentive ideas for call centre staff to help boost morale

  Call centre agents are a special breed of human. These saints operate in an industry where up...

Employee Engagement

July 30, 2020

The top 5 ways to motivate your employees today

Here’s a funny thing about humans and motivation - we are not endlessly manipulable or...

Employee Engagement

July 28, 2020

12 Remote employee engagement activities to boost morale today

Remote employee engagement activities are getting a lot of airtime at the moment, and with good...

Employee Experience

July 23, 2020

7 things you didn’t know about the impact of motivation on employee performance in the banking sector

If you’re wondering why we’re looking into the impact of motivation on employee performance in...

Company Culture

July 21, 2020

The CEOs roadmap towards total organisational culture transformation

During times of upheaval, organisational culture transformation is likely to be top of mind for...

Employee Engagement

July 16, 2020

A disrupted 2020 has seen the rise of these 5 employee engagement trends

Sjoe, 2020, what a ride - am I right? The first year of the new decade certainly came out...