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bountiXP can help drive your company values and culture - here’s how

company values and culture

Right now, company values and culture may be the furthest thing from your mind as your business tries to make sense of a quicksand economy and keep the boat afloat as wave after wave of brand-new challenges present.

There’s no denying that things are completely crazy out there! However, the importance of organisational values (especially in times of uncertainty) is something that can no longer be disputed. The correlation between company values and key performance factors are simply too strong to ignore. 

Think about it this way...

Do you remember when you were a kid and you spun around too fast? Focussing on a static object or a still point a little way in the distance would help keep your balance when the dizziness kicked in. When things get unpredictable in the business world, your company values and culture does the same thing - it provides a focal point for your efforts as your team works to steady the ship. 

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As an employee engagement platform, bountiXP has been developed to help your top leadership gain a competitive advantage by leveraging focused employee recognition and rewards to drive company values as the guiding principles that underpin the vision and mission of your enterprise.

Here’s how: 


It creates meaning with the right kind of rewards

The time of dimensionless rewards that are dangled like carrots to promote the achievement of isolated goals have come and gone. If you want your recognition efforts to be successful, multi-dimensional reward experiences are the name of the game. This is where bountiXP comes in - the platform helps you to back up the actual reward with a sense of meaning and belonging. 

According to the findings of a 2010 study by Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria, human needs can be distilled to four key drivers - acquisition (trophies, money, prestige, 'stuff' in general); defence (keeping what is ours); bonding (connecting and engaging with our peers); and creation (learning new skills, having new experiences, etc.). bountiXP makes it simple to tailor rewards that appeal to all four of these important behavioural drivers. 

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It brings your values to life through training

bountiXP promotes ongoing learning by incorporating gamified training into its user-friendly employee recognition platform.

company values and culture When your company values are limited to static words on a poster or slogans on a coaster it's unlikely your employees will respond to it in the way you want them to.

By incorporating your vision and mission in a fun, gamified learning experience it's far simpler to align your team with the values you wish to instil to promote the success of your business. 

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It helps you scale as you grow (or reshuffle)

It's simple enough to keep your team happily cohesive when you're a small group of people who all happen to work in the same space and it's easy to gather round for birthday wishes or head out together for an after-work get-together on a Friday. In fact, we have 59 more idea's to help you get creative with that one. 

This becomes more complex when your team grows and dissipates to work in different locations, or has to operate remotely. By focusing your recognition and reward efforts on your core company values, bountiXP makes it effortless to scale your company culture when your team grows or has to be reshuffled according to prevailing market forces by recognising the right kind of behaviour effectively and consistently so it becomes ingrained in the way your employees think and act across the board. 

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It supercharges your recognition initiatives

bountiXP makes it incredibly simple for managers and peers to give and receive instant recognition, plus it's highly engaging for users. Using an interesting and intuitive social recognition platform, it creates a centralised hub of social recognition and engagement that builds relationships around shared values and common purpose.

Users can view recognition in real time, comment on messages, add likes to show support, engage on a one-on-one basis and even use filters to personalise their experience. 

The analytics functionality gives HR managers real insights into the performance of your staff. We're offering 30-day FREE trials to our platform so you can see the power of people analytics yourself. Click here to get started.


It gives you real-time feedback on employee engagement levels

When times are tough, employee engagement becomes even more important - you want to keep your team's morale high so everyone pulls together to get the job done under trying circumstances. bountiXP gives you the ability to measure employee participation throughout your organisation and adapt your employee recognition and reward strategy if need be. Without this functionality, it would be quite difficult to measure your return on investment in the long run. 


It aligns your internal and external messaging

bountiXP is the ultimate employer brand-building tool. While recruitment may not be top of mind for your company just now, it’s important to realise that hiring for cultural fit will remain very important in future.

When your recognition program is in alignment with your company's core values, your star players become your greatest advocates in the competitive talent market. This is invaluable in terms of recruitment efforts - not only will top candidates be more likely to shortlist your business as a potential employer, they will also have a clear understanding of what you stand for before they enter the boardroom or open a browser for that first interview. 

bountiXP can help to drive your company values and culture for increased staff performance and productivity. Simply click the button below to start a 30-day FREE trial today.

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