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6 Ways to engage your millennial workforce

It’s a generation that’s seen many tech startups from the likes of Facebook to Airbnb, which have become some of the biggest companies the world has seen to date.

The defining factor for both of these companies?

Their founders are Millennials.

Despite the bad rap they get for being entitled and lazy, there are numerous Millennials who are taking the world by storm and this trend is only set to grow.


A recent study by PWC indicates that by 2020 the workplace will comprise up to 50% Millennials and Gen Z to follow suit.

So what are companies doing today that will empower and engage this younger and starkly different generation in order for your company to succeed?

In this blog post, we take a deeper look into what employers can do to really engage Millennials for a more productive and motivated workplace of the future.

So let’s take a look;  


6 Ways To Bridging The Gap Towards A Successful Millennial Workforce


1. Defining purpose

Millennials desire purpose and meaning in the work they do. Let’s be honest for a moment. We spend 40+ hours a week at work. We spend more time at work than we see family and friends. Millennials want to make sure that their time is spent doing something with purpose, meaning and value to them.

Many Millennials will seek out companies with a strong sense of innovation, sustainable influence and CSR departments.


2. Striking that work-life balance

millennial workforceAs mentioned already Millennials value friends, family and life purpose. This means that this generation values their time outside of work greatly. It’s more about the “work-life integration”.

If you’re looking to keep this generation engaged you need to know this. Millennials are not the type generation to work until all hours of the night where when it means missing out on the life events that are important to them.

You will find yourself in a position where you’re unable to retain this generation.

Millennials are all about building the kind of lifestyle and career that they can maintain for the rest of their lives. They are constantly working towards achieving a quality of life that helps them enjoy every moment of their lives and not just the moments at the office.

Practically, this could mean offering more flexible hours or allowing remote working for your Millennial workforce. They are the generation that’s seen the rise of the “digital nomad”.


3. Reliable and relevant technology

Millennials thrive on technology.

In the workplace, Millennials expect to have the appropriate technology and software in order to do their jobs well.

It seems like a no-brainer to engage this workforce using technology that they are already deeply engaged in.

Practically though, what does this actually look like?

It can look anything like using tools like Trello for project management and Slack for internal instant communications to a tool like bountiXP for instant, on-the-go recognition and appreciation, to really drive a culture of engagement.  


4. Invest in growth and learning opportunities

millennial workforceThe Millennial workforce desires to constantly upskill, learn and grow.

Is your company providing these kinds of opportunities?

Take a look at workplace training and online certifications. These are crucial elements to retaining this generation in the workplace.

If you’re providing this constant opportunity for education and personal career growth, your Millennials are less likely to look at other jobs that are providing these kinds of benefits.

Hand-in-hand with the provision of education, Millennials also want to know and understand what their trajectory for growth is within your company. So let them know, map it out for them and help them plan for it.

This leads straight to our next point:


5. Mentorship

Millennials don’t need strict managers. They need a manager who is willing to take the time to teach and mentor them into a position of success and leadership. It’s been said that byadopting a culture of mentorship promotes Millennial loyalty and retention”.

This is very much a two-way street. It provides an opportunity for senior leaders to really impart business wisdom and knowledge, as well as the opportunity for Millennials to impart knowledge around what really makes their generation tick, and why.

This level of mentorship can have multiple benefits for your company;

  • It creates a more inclusive culture.
  • It promotes cross-generational engagement.
  • It promotes company-wide learning and growth opportunities.  


6. Flexibility

Flexibility in the workplace means a number of things to the Millennial workforce;

  • Flexible work hours.
  • Flexible work location.
  • Flexibility in the processes that are used in order to achieve key objectives on in a specific task.
  • Flexibility related to the work environment and whether or not it promotes creativity.

So as an employer, how flexible are you? 


Key Takeaways for building an engaged Millennial workforce

There’s this misconception in the workplace that Millennials are tough nuts to crack.

Whilst there may be some truth to this, it could just be about harnessing a bit of empathy, adding a little patience to the mix and creating a recipe for winning over the zest and passion of a Millennial.

Let us know how you’re fully able to harness the hearts of Millennials. Alternatively, if you are a Millennial let us know what employers should be doing to truly understand what motivates you every day.  


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