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Employee rewards have never been easier than with bountiXP. Take a look

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Employee rewards and recognition programs are some of the hottest HR topics for 2020.

However, it does also have the potential to induce mild panic attacks among HR directors and ops managers due to the vast amount of work that is often required to put a recognition plan in place.

See, employee rewards are no longer just a little stack of gift cards that are doled out when an employee does something high-five-worthy; it actually has to tap into your company ethos and be measured for effectiveness. 

What did we tell you? Feeling a little panicked yet?

Happily, we’re here to tell you that there is a simple and effective tool available that will allow you to leverage employee rewards to boost employee engagement, improve talent retention and nurture a robust company culture that inspires your workforce to dream big and work towards shared goals like the bunch of champs they are.

Sounds too good to be true, we know, but it’s real. And it’s called bountiXP


What on earth is bountiXP? 

In a nutshell, bountiXP is a SaaS-based employee recognition platform that will change the way you look at culture-boosting initiatives forever. It all started with a few forward-thinking tech buffs with a bunch of big ideals...

We started bountiXP because we want to help solve the global employee engagement crisis. Our love for tech and belief that everyone should be happy at work resulted in a plug-n-play platform that enables businesses to recognise and reward their people for great work; wherever they may be. Our relentless pursuit of innovation has resulted in our platform being first to market in SA and our ambition continues to fuel our global aspirations” says Dane Amyot, MD of bountiXP. 

Dane joined Achievement Awards Group (AAGroup) as an IT consultant in 2006 while completing his studies in business analysis and was promoted to Business Director of Workforce Solutions in 2011.

This position grew to MD of bountiXP when employee engagement became pivotal in AAGroup’s drive to assist clients in gaining a competitive advantage by means of improved workforce recognition, engagement, and performance.

Today Dane heads up a diverse team of designers, developers, data architects, engineers, testers and entrepreneurs in the SaaS arena.

“Alignment is inherent in a well-placed employee, but there are ways to nurture it to bring it to full bloom,” explains Dane.

“A lot of HR tech used today is still rooted in the needs of a prior generation. Driving powerful alignment between your employees and your company goals calls for tech that engages the future workforce by providing frequent feedback and recognition - a solution that aligns seamlessly with existing HR processes to facilitate a happy, healthy, future-proof workplace. This is why we developed a mobile platform that combines recognition, rewards, social communication, learning and feedback into a single, personalised user experience."


What kind of employee rewards are we talking about?

When you choose to incorporate bountiXP in your employee rewards lineup (after taking it for a spin for FREE) you will be able to offer your employees a wide range of surprise-and-delight rewards including digital vouchers, reward cards, virtual reward cards, access to an online rewards shop, an intuitive rewards app and a travel mall.

But wait, there’s more...

Our simple-to-use interface allows you to dole out a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. This includes day-to-day recognition (verbal, written, electronic, peer-to-peer, manager to staff), manager's discretion rewards (info and support; involvement and autonomy; flexible hours; manager time, learning opportunities); as well as gifts and tokens (branded gifts, plaques, trophies, certificates). 

Not to mention individual rewards (merchandise, individual travel, gift cards, experience rewards, and point-based); as well as group rewards (quarterly and annual rewards, celebrations, field trips, and team-building events).

The options are virtually endless! 


What about program measurement? Is it fussy and time-consuming?

That’s a major nope. We understand that HR and operational professionals are busy people. The last thing you need in your life is a clunky system that’s difficult to manage. We’ve got your back. This is why bountiXP measures recognition through implementation, participation, satisfaction, productivity and point budget utilisations. 

There are various options to keep tabs on the progress of your engagement initiatives. This includes: 


  • Pulse surveys. They’re short, normally between one and five questions. This kind of survey is useful when you’re wanting to hone in on specific areas that you’re wanting to improve on. 
  • Twice-daily happiness index. If a company has a pain point or areas of satisfaction they want to measure, this method is a great way to go.
  • In-depth satisfaction survey. These take time and should only be used once or twice a year. 

And this, ladies and gents, is just the very tip of the awesomeness iceberg.

When you start to use the system, it will become apparent just how intuitive it is, and how much research was done among CEOs, HR directors and ops managers before the SaaS-based platform was developed. 

There you have it - a concise introduction to the wonderful world of bountiXP

Are you keen to get started with bountiXP? We're offering FREE 30-day trials. Simply click the button below to get started 👇

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