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Employee satisfaction will boost your bottom line. Here’s how

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When it comes right down to it, employee satisfaction is one of those chicken-and-egg scenarios - are happy, engaged personnel more productive and successful at work, or do people become more happy and engaged when they feel productive and achieve success in their careers?

Quite the little mind-twister that. Fortunately for us, there are a bunch of clever folks who have been looking into it and came to some very interesting conclusions

The gist of the findings by scholars Sonja Lyubomirsky (University of California), Laura King (University of Missouri) and Ed Diener (University of Illinois) were that positive moods and emotions lead a happy person to think and act in ways that promote the development of their own resources and capabilities, as well as their ability to work positively towards their goals. I.e. happy employees think and behave in ways that make them more likely to become successful. 

However, the same rings true for employees who operate in circumstances that inspire them to be healthier, more productive and engaged, which means the causal direction runs both ways - you’re happier when you’re productive, and you’re more productive when you’re happy. 

So what does all this mean for the modern-day HR director or operational manager?

In short - if you make job satisfaction a priority in your work environment, find ways to motivate employees to seek out a healthy work-life balance and put some effort into the overall employee experience at your company, the resultant employee satisfaction will equal happy workers, which in turn equals exceptional productivity and business growth.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Here are 5 ways in which improved employee satisfaction will boost your bottom line:


1. Satisfied employees are all about the productivity

When your workforce is happy in their work environment they are naturally more productive. It all comes down to employee engagement - if a person feels connected to their team, and is aligned to the vision and mission of a company, they will always be rooting for it to succeed.

Plus, as stated previously, happy workers are just more productive in general. Here's a fascinating and funny TED talk by Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage that discusses how happiness brings us more success. Check it out (super inspiring!). 


2. Epic satisfaction levels boost your employer brand

People talk. We’ve all been in a conversation or two (perhaps more?) where we had to vent and blow off some steam about our bosses. It’s a natural part of everyday life.

However, when a company’s employee satisfaction levels are so low that this occasional griping turns into an ongoing dialogue, word is bound to spread and your business may soon be associated with a toxic work culture. NOT great. People don’t want to work at companies that are notorious for treating their people badly. 

On the flipside, businesses with satisfied employees enjoy healthy, happy employer brands that attract and retain top talent. Here’s a list of the companies that came out tops in this department in South Africa in 2019.

The one thing they all had in common?

Very satisfied employees. 

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3. Satisfaction = great retention

When people are happy and satisfied in their jobs they tend to put down roots and stick around. This is very good for business, because it means that as they hone their skills and become the masters of their craft, their increased contribution benefits your business, instead of lining the pockets of the next company on the list. Additionally, reduced employee churn results in lower recruitment costs, less downtime and fewer slip-ups during those inevitable handovers. 


4. Happy employees give great customer service

When employees work in a positive, supportive space where they are given all the tools they need to excel at their jobs and the opportunity and freedom to do great work, customers get great service, it’s as simple as that. And, as we all know, satisfied customers become repeat customers, generate positive word of mouth and rake in the revenue. It’s a perfect storm of contentedness that leads directly to business growth and increased profits. 

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5. Strong teams come up with big ideas

Satisfied employees are great team players - they buddy up and get in the ruck. When you have a whole bunch of these highly motivated firecrackers working in tandem, pure magic ensues. Working together as a dynamic whole, these beautifully engaged teams come up with the big ideas that propel businesses in fresh new directions. It’s breathtaking to behold. 

Skipping to the bottom of the article because you’re short on time? We’ve got you.

Here are those handy crib notes you were after. A focus on employee satisfaction in 2020 will boost your business because: 


  1. Productivity will improve immensely. 
  2. Your employer brand will get a boost.
  3. Reduced churn equals less recruitment hassles. 
  4. Loyal, happy employees provide exceptional customer service. 
  5. Cohesive teams generate innovative solutions. 

How’s that for a whole lot of yes please? Ready to get the ball rolling on providing your workforce with the recognition and rewards they deserve for a job well done?

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