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How bountiXP can help you build a great organisational culture

great organisational culture

We live in a tech-driven age, and there are plenty of tools out there that can help businesses to establish a great organisational culture. However, a tool is only ever as good as your understanding of how it works and your ability to use it. This statement rings true for everything from forks and chopsticks, to curling tongs, bullet blenders, weird Korean hair accessories and SaaS-based employee recognition platforms

Remember that part in The Little Mermaid where Ariel sings ‘I've got gadgets and gizmos aplenty, I've got whozits and whatzits galore’?

That’s pretty much how it goes when you’ve got a bunch of fancy tools in your management arsenal that no-one seems to understand, and doesn’t integrate with your existing processes in a way that makes the use thereof sustainable. 

Happily, there are folks out there who understand this frustration. And by ‘folks’, we mean us.

The bountiXP team understands that when you’re trying to up your culture game and create a space for happy employees to thrive, the last thing you need is a clunky tool that’s difficult to implement and a pain in the tuchus to tailor to your needs.

Which is why we are beyond stoked to introduce you to the SaaS-based marvel that will change the way you think about employee engagement platforms forever!


What on earth is bountiXP? 

bountiXP offers real-time, human-centric recognition that enables measurable behaviour change to act as a powerful catalyst for employee engagement and business results.

The platform was crafted by Managing Director, Dane Amyot and a diverse team of designers, developers, data architects, engineers and testers in the employee engagement space over the course of many years of research and development. 

We started bountiXP because we want to help solve the global employee engagement crisis,” says Dane.

“Alignment is inherent in a well-placed employee, but there are ways to nurture it to bring it to full bloom for great organisational culture. A lot of HR tech used today is still rooted in the needs of a prior generation. Driving powerful alignment between your employees and your company goals calls for tech that engages the future workforce by providing frequent feedback and recognition - a solution that aligns seamlessly with existing HR processes to facilitate a happy, healthy, workplace. We created a mobile platform that combines recognition, rewards, social communication, learning and feedback into a single, personalised user experience that fosters employee engagement.”

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What will it allow my team to do? 

In short, bountiXP has been developed to help forward-thinking businesses: 


  1. Harness employee recognition as a powerful company driver. 
  2. Design a social recognition program with measurable targets. 
  3. Align employee recognition with your organisational goals. 
  4. Develop a robust employee recognition strategy. 
  5. Launch a social recognition program that your employees will love. 
  6. Plan your program commitments. 
  7. Identify your key program role players. 
  8. Manage and measure your program for effectiveness and impact. 
  9. Communicate strategically to encourage high levels of employee adoption.

Best of all? All of this awesomeness happens from one, single dashboard that can be accessed via desktop, mobile or handheld device with equal ease. 

Still not quite sure how all this works in a practical sense? Let’s break it down to brass tacks. When you sign up for bountiXP, you will get access to a system that facilitates: 

Nominations. Team members can use the platform to send and receive nominations for recognition. Managers then have the option of validating specific behaviors by adding rewards to further enable the power of social recognition. In this way, bountiXP can be used to say thanks, send an appreciation, recognise a peer or measure out a reward. This is tied to a live recognition timeline where users can view nominations, add comments and likes, follow peers and view peer profiles.

Rewards. For rewards to be effective, it should surprise and delight your employees. That's why the bountiXP platform facilitates a variety of rewards that include digital vouchers, reward cards, virtual reward cards, online shopping, and travel mall. All of this is accessible from a secure, self-service app that offers almost instant fulfilment and allows your employees to manage rewards in the palm of their hand. 

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Analytics and feedback. bountiXP provides individual feedback, an interactive online dashboard, downloadable reports and a variety of business intelligence applications.

Instant insight. Make your employees feel heard by listening to them in the right way. Using bountiXP you can gather anonymous data by means of pulse surveys, template-based questionnaires and custom-designed questionnaires that will empower you to make better business decisions.  

Gamified learning. Nimble, adaptable companies understand that ongoing learning is par for the course if you want to leave your competitors in the dust. The bountiXP platform includes innovative, fun and effective micro-learning initiatives for fast, on-the-go knowledge transfer. This includes customisable interactive quizzes, a multimedia communication platform, design challenges and digital innovation prompts. 

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Sound good? Most excellent! Let’s hook you up. We’re so sure that bountiXP will help your team to promote a positive workplace culture and drive company success that we are going to let you try it for FREE so you can see how well it works.

Go on - we double-dare you to see how easy employee recognition and reward can actually be. Take the first step towards a great organisational culture today! Simply click the button below to get started 👇

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