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How bountiXP helps remote working teams to bring their A-game

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Getting used to remote working teams can be a lot like trying to pull off a cutting-edge fashion trend like print-on-print, fanny packs, boiler suits or ironic cowboy boots - you know it can work, you’ve seen people do it successfully, but the whole thing seems rather daunting when you try to do it yourself. 

However, unlike pairing a pair of leopard-print tights with a whimsical Hawaiin T and a neon visor, settling into the new workplace normal is unfortunately not optional. 

According to recent findings, over three years ago a mere 4% of South African employees were working remotely. Currently that percentage is in the vicinity of 38% under ongoing lockdown restrictions. However, the 66 South African employers that were polled in the survey predict that in three years’ time a third of their staff (33%) will still be working from home.

As such, it only makes sense to start looking at tech-based solutions that will foster team spirit and boost internal cohesion even when co-workers aren’t necessarily ever going to sit next to one another or have the opportunity to catch up around the watercooler, environmentally-friendly reusable coffee pod machine, or fancy in-office kombucha dispenser. 


This is where bountiXP comes in. 

So, what exactly is bountiXP and how can it help remote working teams to stay happily focussed, inspired and productive at a time when everyone feels pretty unsettled and unsure? Let’s break it down. 

In essence, bountiXP is a results-driven, cloud-based employee recognition and engagement platform. But it’s also a whole lot more than that. Here are a few ways in which this innovative SaaS-based solution can be used to support dispersed teams: 


Dual-purpose recognition raises productivity and improves efficiency

Productivity and efficiency are major considerations for dispersed teams. At a time when the economy is under severe pressure, most businesses need to get more output from their employees at the same level of investment. Instead of cracking the proverbial whip and creating a toxic work environment in the process, the best way to do so is to motivate and engage them more effectively. 

bountiXP helps to focus employees' productivity by linking their actions to organisational goals. Messages of recognition and appreciation appear on a highly visible newsfeed, drawing everyone's attention to the behaviours that are supporting the company's business strategy, and thereby showing it in action. 


It helps to drive core company values

Core company values are important now more than ever. These values provide a roadmap for employee decision-making and serve as a benchmark for internal communications. There is also a direct correlation between company values and employee engagement, not to mention the fact that your values tell your customers what your business is about. Moreover, the right values attract suitable talent. 

Because bountiXP links each instance of employee recognition or reward directly with a predetermined company value, it ensures that values-based behaviour becomes a living part of the business practice, no matter if your employees are working from home full-time, or elect to do so a few times per week or month. 

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It enables and energises by means of connection and collaboration 

bountiXP’s cloud-based platform removes the barriers of time and distance, connecting colleagues working remotely and on-site, 24/7. Being able to access the platform via any device means that recognition flows up, down and across the organisation all day, every day.  

In this way, recognition becomes the social glue within an organisation. It enables, energises and empowers employees to innovate, cooperate and collaborate by promoting pro-social behaviours. Best of all - the platform is fully responsive, which means that administrative users can use it to roll out tactical campaigns and strategic in-house engagement initiatives. 


Friction-free UX = effortless adoption

At a time when most employees, managers and HR personnel have more than enough on their plates as it is, the last thing you want to do is burden your team with a clunky platform that takes up more of their valuable time. 

The truly great thing about bountiXP is is that it is really, really simple to use. See this short and sweet video on the functionality of the platform and how easy it is to implement within any given HR ecosystem. The system’s friction-free UX has been designed with ease of use in mind, so engaging with it becomes second nature quickly and effortlessly. 

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It can make behaviour change fun

bountiXP offers a unique, optional gamified experience that focuses on motivation and engagement, coaxing users through the journey to mastery. Once a business feels that the program's core metrics have been entrenched, they can draw on their newly acquired database of performance and behavioural insights to gamify their program with performance triggers, motivational nudges and more. This sets the scene for deeper engagement and measurable behaviour change, wherever your employees may be. 

These are just a few of the ways in which bountiXP helps remote working teams to bring their A-game, despite all the challenges of operating as a dispersed crew. Check back soon for more advice on keeping remote employees happily engaged and optimally productive. 

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