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HR tech paves the way for a new age of workplace culture

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How about a little good news for a change? Step right up!

If you’ve been feeling stressed out about your workplace culture in this time of unprecedented disruption, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is a silver lining in the form of exciting new forms of HR technology.

Here are a few ways in which human resources tech will pave the way for a new age of workplace culture in 2020 and beyond: 


1. Making better use of employee time

Every single business out there wants their workplace culture to promote productivity; that much is a given. It all starts by providing employees with the tools to make better use of their time. These days, technology can help you to: 


  • Automate time tracking. If your business still uses manual timesheets, this should be the first thing you address when you want to promote productivity. Automated time tracking not only makes things easier for your employees, it also saves the time HR managers have to spend auditing time entries and correcting potentially erroneous time logs. As an added bonus, it also provides a lot of valuable data pertaining to how your employees spend and allocate their time, which can lead to further optimisation opportunities. 
  • Simplify smaller daily tasks. There are plenty of seemingly insignificant tasks we deal with every day that can take quite a chunk out of our productive time when you tally it all up. Take password entry, for example. Password management tools increase data security and give your employees access to password-protected files without having to type out their identification phrase. Minimising unnecessary extra steps like these can save lots of time in the long run. 
  • Eliminate the need for manual file sharing. A lot of time can be wasted when employees are waiting on one another to share certain files or documents. Similarly, constant interruptions and requests for file shares can cause havoc with workflow. File sharing tools make it easier for employees to distribute information, keep track of changes that were made to a document, etc. 
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2. Smoothing the way for collaboration 

Facilitating seamless project management is key if you want your employees to work well as a group while still shining in their own right.

Project management apps let team members know who's working on what, outlines deadlines, eases bottlenecks by setting task dependencies and gives project managers a welcome bird's eye view of where things stand at any given time. It’s an HR panacea if ever there was one. 

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3. Making employee recognition and rewards a breeze

Regularly and timeously recognising and rewarding the efforts of your employees holds countless benefits - it increases employee engagement, builds a positive company culture, creates a collaborative work environment, increases employee motivation and so much more. Plus, thanks to the innovative functionality of the most current recognition programs, it can provide you with up-to-the-minute feedback from your workforce in the form of pulse surveys, peer-to-peer interaction, and more. 

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Top tips for implementing HR tech at your company

When you invest in HR technology, you want to be sure that it will yield positive results. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you sign on the dotted line: 

1. Does it solve the right problem? 

To be effective, HR tech should solve a pressing problem within your company. Start by identifying the problem and then seeking out the solution - the over way around leads to needless friction that can leave your workforce pretty frustrated at the idea of having to adopt a new technology with no tangible payoff.

2. What do my people need? 

Check in with your workforce before you set out to find the solution to their problem. Having a clear understanding of the employee experience provides you with a much better roadmap to finding the right tool to address their pain points. Your best bet is to get down on grassroots level to see exactly what they are struggling with so you can wrap your head around their needs firsthand. 

3. Try before you buy

Set up the pilot version of a given solution (or several solutions) before you invest. This will allow your team to test out the HR tech and provide their feedback before you spend a lot of time and money implementing something that may or may not work in your particular environment. Lay the groundwork for a data-driven decision by mapping out clear data points for feedback beforehand. 

4. Get key stakeholders on board

When you're ready to roll out new HR tech it's imperative that you have your key stakeholders on board. People dislike change and there will definitely be some kickback at the idea of adopting new processes along the way. Sell the stakeholders who will be instrumental in the application of the program on its merits first in order to ease the roll-out process.  

These are just a few ways HR tech shapes the workplace culture of today.

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