Company Culture

February 25, 2020

Strategy and culture - your roadmap to effective business growth

If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard the saying ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’....

Company Culture

February 20, 2020

Your company purpose can impact your bottom line. Here’s how

What is your company purpose, and has it been tailored to boost your bottom line in the long run?

Company Culture

February 19, 2020

3 South African CEOs driving the company culture agenda and what we can learn from them

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you’ll know that we are passionate about the...

Company Culture

February 13, 2020

Your organisational culture can be measured. Here’s how

Measuring organisational culture can feel a lot like polling toddlers on their fruit and...

Company Culture

February 11, 2020

Here’s why a great company culture eats strategy for breakfast

The difference between actively promoting a great company culture at your place of business and...

Company Culture

February 06, 2020

Here’s how to tell if your company needs a culture change

Culture change can be a tricky thing to ponder when you’re trying to keep your business afloat...

Company Culture

February 04, 2020

How bountiXP can help you build a great organisational culture

We live in a tech-driven age, and there are plenty of tools out there that can help businesses...

Company Culture

January 14, 2020

Why getting your company culture right is an effective business strategy

Humans want to be part of something bigger. We want to feel part of a team. It speaks to the...

Company Culture

December 23, 2019

Why you need bountiXP for a more aligned organisational culture

An aligned organisational culture is a beautiful thing to behold. Even if you don’t happen to be...

Company Culture

December 19, 2019

Employee recognition will transform your company culture. Here’s how

Addressing company culture when you don’t exactly know why you should be doing it can seem a lot...