Employee Engagement

September 17, 2020

COVID-19 and the employee engagement challenges HR is facing today

  Employee engagement challenges are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, we suspect that if HR...

Employee Engagement

September 08, 2020

6 Employee performance metrics your business should be tracking

Let’s start with the less-than-awesome news. Employee performance metrics are not like spatulas,...

Employee Engagement

September 03, 2020

Workspace VS workplace: What’s the difference?

Considering terms like workspace VS workplace can seem like a geeky little semantic game, but in...

Employee Engagement

August 27, 2020

15 Employee appreciation ideas that your employees will love (especially during a pandemic)

Employee appreciation ideas are a lot like jeans - while a nice pair of denims will always be a...

Employee Engagement

August 25, 2020

These 8 employee engagement metrics should matter to your business

Employee engagement metrics are every HR geek’s best friend. If you like pie charts and graphs...

Employee Engagement

August 18, 2020

How to motivate employees without incentives - the experts weigh in

The question of how to motivate employees without incentives is one that often comes up when the...

Employee Engagement

July 30, 2020

The top 5 ways to motivate your employees today

Here’s a funny thing about humans and motivation - we are not endlessly manipulable or...

Employee Engagement

July 28, 2020

12 Remote employee engagement activities to boost morale today

Remote employee engagement activities are getting a lot of airtime at the moment, and with good...

Employee Engagement

July 16, 2020

A disrupted 2020 has seen the rise of these 5 employee engagement trends

Sjoe, 2020, what a ride - am I right? The first year of the new decade certainly came out...

Employee Engagement

July 14, 2020

Your 9-step guide to developing an employee engagement strategy plan

Tailoring an employee engagement strategy plan in the midst of a year that has seemingly been...