HR Strategy

December 21, 2021

Here’s a talent management framework that won’t let you down

People, not organisations create value and, ultimately, revenue. This is important to understand...

Employee Engagement

May 20, 2021

5 Ways in which HR practitioners have to step up to pave the way for the future of work

Guys, working in HR in the past year has been a major rollercoaster ride. 

Employee Engagement

March 23, 2021

Will 2021 be another year of organisational survival in SA? 5 Factors that will play a role.

Organisational survival has been top of mind for most South African businesses over the last year,...

HR Strategy

December 08, 2020

5 Tried and tested ways you can reduce staff turnover today

The need to reduce staff turnover is something every HR manager has to deal with at some point in...

HR Strategy

October 06, 2020

10 Things that should be included in your remote work policy

If you’re in the HR industry and cut your teeth in a conventional office environment where the need...

HR Strategy

September 10, 2020

The future of work is here: how managing remote teams has successfully scaled the search for talent

If we started out the year telling HR professionals that they’d be managing remote teams on the fly...

HR Strategy

September 01, 2020

The HR manager's guide to managing remote teams

The art of managing remote teams has probably never been more pertinent than it is right now. 

HR Strategy

August 20, 2020

30 Employee satisfaction statistics every HR manager should know in 2020

We’ve rounded up 30 of the most pertinent employee satisfaction statistics every HR manager should...

Employee Engagement

July 14, 2020

Your 9-step guide to developing an employee engagement strategy plan

Tailoring an employee engagement strategy plan in the midst of a year that has seemingly been...

HR Strategy

July 09, 2020

6 Sales team incentive ideas to boost performance

Sales team incentive ideas seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but most of it follows the...