Employee Recognition

April 06, 2021

The bountiXP way - why employee-centric recognition is the only path toward an aligned company culture

An aligned company culture is a solid vibe. Much like aligned things in general (think wheels,...

Employee Engagement

January 26, 2021

2021, COVID-19 and the future of work? A concise guide to a few top tips, trends and best practices

Going into this year, we’re guessing most people are feeling a bit like a whoopie cushion after...


December 17, 2020

Why a post-COVID-19 talent management strategy is necessary

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything from how we feel about chores (food shopping, what fun...

Company Culture

December 03, 2020

Exciting workplace trends for 2021 that have us amped for the year ahead

Are you ready to get super excited about workplace trends for 2021? Step right this way!

Employee Engagement

December 01, 2020

10 Office party ideas to end a strange year off with a bang

Can you believe it’s already time to look up ‘cool office party ideas that don’t cost too much but...

Employee Engagement

November 12, 2020

How COVID-19 has impacted employee engagement and wellbeing in the workplace

Employee engagement and wellbeing go hand in hand. The equation is simple - healthy, happy...

Organisational Culture

October 08, 2020

How to promote a learning culture in an organisation in 3 easy steps

If you’re reading up on how to promote a learning culture in an organisation we want to start this...