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The bountiXP way - why employee-centric recognition is the only path toward an aligned company culture

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An aligned company culture is a solid vibe. Much like aligned things in general (think wheels, spines, planets) a company culture that encourages everyone to pull in the same direction will pave the way for easy handling, optimal growth and movement, and good things to come in general.


Which, of course, begs the question - how do you get to this sweet spot of organisational alignment. We’re glad you asked, because we’ve got just the thing. 

The bountiXP platform was developed with the facilitation of an aligned company culture in mind. Our purposeful recognition application fosters the practice of a combination of day-to-day social recognition, and more formal, performance-based recognition. By combining the power of goal-based and values-based recognition, the platform aligns strategy and culture for improved performance. 

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The way we see it, goals-based recognition serves to promote key objectives, strategies and activities/tasks; while values-based recognition bolsters culture, communicates values, and entrenches preferred behaviours, actions and practices. When all this comes together, employees' sense of purpose moves to be in alignment with company mission and vision, which yields great business results. 

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So, what exactly are the advantages of an aligned corporate culture? Here are a few ways in your business can benefit from getting everyone on the same page: 

Expedited decision-making

If there is one thing that can stop productivity dead in its tracks, it’s indecision. Indecision leads to missed deadlines, and missed deadlines have knock-on effects that can affect an entire organisation. 

When an enterprise is in alignment, there is clarity about who decides what. This leads to expedited decision-making, which keeps time to execution within bounds. Additionally, employees are free to focus on getting their tasks done, rather than wasting time figuring out who is supposed to be doing what. 

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Optimal levels of employee engagement

You know us, we can harp on about employee engagement until the cows come home, but that's because it works. Happily engaged employees are productive, innovative workers who are in it to win it and bring their A-game every day. What is not to love? 

bountiXP’s cloud-based platform removes the barriers of time and distance, connecting colleagues working remotely and on-site, 24/7. Being able to access the platform via any device means that recognition flows up, down and across the organisation all day, every day. This is the ideal way to keep employees engaged as they go about their day. 

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Fewer wasted resources

If you want your team to be able to do more with less, focusing on company alignment is a good way to go. When everyone zero's in on achieving the same goals, it's much simpler to differentiate between activities and strategies that will help you to achieve said goals, and those that aren't all that important. 

This way, it's also far easier to ensure that resources like time, skills and budget go towards activities that align with operational and business priorities. 

Smoother internal operations 

When employees have a clear understanding of their role, and how their work fits into the larger scheme of things, their self-governance improves accordingly. Because there is little to no ambiguity regarding their responsibilities, they are able to take charge and be proactive instead of waiting around until they are told what to do, or given permission to proceed. This confidence also adds to their efficiency in general. 

Greater customer satisfaction

Here's the deal - your customers don't necessarily want to be privy to the complexities that goes into getting your goods or services delivered. They only care that it happens when you say it will, that the product/service is of good quality, and that they can depend on your consistency in this regard. Within an aligned company, the internal processes that lead to this result unfolds smoothly and out of sight, so customers can have their expectations met, and even exceeded when possible. 

Improved confidence in company leadership

Actions speak louder than words. In aligned organisations, leaders follow up on their promises to their teams. By staying true to their word and providing the resources, support, etc. their teams need to remain efficient and engaged, this fosters healthy levels of respect and confidence that the individuals at the helm at the enterprise have everyone's best interests at heart. 

The optimisation of internal skills and talents

When everyone's place within the company is clearly understood, and roles are defined in alignment with overall corporate strategy, it's easy to identify skills gaps. Similarly, it's also easier to see if there is talent that is going unused, and if certain employees could be redeployed within the business to make better use of their skills. In this way, the business has access to all the human resources it needs, and employees benefit because their innate skill sets are being put to good use to advance their career trajectory. 


That, in a nutshell, is how you can benefit from using bountiXP to pave the way for an aligned company culture. If all this sounds rather marvellous, we invite you to sign up for a FREE trial to see the good vibes in action for yourself. 

Check back soon for more expert insight into the world of future-proof HR.

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