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Tools to engage remote employees: bountiXP VS an internal intranet


One of the great things about working in human resources in the digital age is that there are all sorts of nifty tools to engage remote employees.

The HR tech landscape has unfolded quite rapidly over the past few years, and when dispersed teams unexpectedly became the norm during COVID-19 lockdowns around the globe, the industry pretty much exploded.

This is excellent news for companies that have found that having their teams work from home is actually sustainable, and are entertaining the idea of sticking to the status quo in some shape or form going forward.

It also means that now is the time to take a good look at the tools you are using to engage remote employees that form a part of your team, whether they are choosing to work from home, or you are electing to collaborate with dispersed talent further afield.

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So, let’s pretend you are brand-new to the game - you’ve never worked with a remote team before and you need to set up your HR tech ecosystem from scratch. The first thing you’d need to consider is how your team will communicate, and this will lead you straight to the option of an intranet.

An intranet is a great thing to have for a few reasons. It reduces emails and meetings, provides a central space for knowledge sharing and information storage, improves communication by connecting your employees across locations and time zones, provides organisational clarity and simplifies employee onboarding a lot. We love a good intranet.

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However, much in the same way that sprinkles, a flake and lovely waffle cone really takes soft serve ice cream to the next level, a more comprehensive tech solution can up the ante on your communications game by a lot. After all, if you can add a few bells and whistles to the mix, why not?

See, when you invest in a SaaS-based employee recognition and reward platform like bountiXP, you are setting yourself up for remote team engagement success in a few important ways.

But wait, hold up, isn’t bountiXP an employee engagement solution? Why are we punting it as a communication platform all of a sudden? Simple - bountiXP actually comes part and parcel with a complete communication stack, which is completely free of charge. There are hundreds of automated communications built in that serve to deepen engagement and drive performance. Where before, clients would have to incur the cost of creating these communications themselves, with bountiXP they come ready-made. How’s that for a deal?

At the risk of sounding like a super cheesy late-night TV ad for sketchy appliances - but wait, there’s more! Here are a few other benefits businesses enjoy when they choose bountiXP as their engagement platform:

Continuous innovation and agility

bountiXP offers the user the ability to create highly personalised campaigns and tailor-made brand experiences that are contextually relevant, and enhances employee experience to drive performance. It's also constantly improving - frequent, seamless updates automatically increase functionality as new versions become available, all via the platform's ever-evolving design console.


Actionable insights for improved organisational performance

It’s the platform that gives back! On the surface, bountiXP may be a great way to recognise and reward employees, but at its heart, the platform is all about data and people analytics. It provides HR and C-suite with critical insights that can help them to supercharge their organisational performance from the inside out by empowering them to make better decisions when it comes to employee-related matters.


Self-sustaining management

While the bountiXP team will always be on hand to assist the businesses who sign up to the platform, the system itself has been developed to be simple enough to use so there won’t be frequent need for tech support. In-platform training allows different user groups to gain the skills required to use the platform to maximum effect, by themselves. I.e. there won't be any need to organise lengthy 'how to' meetings when the system is rolled out. Employees can simply log in, follow the prompts and get going.


Seamless employee recognition and reward

Naturally, bountiXP also comes with huge employee recognition and reward guns. After all, that is the main thing for which it was developed. The true joy of using it lies in the holistic way that it deals with the process of giving props to the people who put in the hard work - it takes a system that can be clunky and fragmented and makes it super slick and fun!

Yes, that's right - it's fun to use. Thanks to top-notch gamification elements, the platform gives users some extra incentive to play around by employing motivational nudges, performance triggers and feedback loops that draws them into a world of self-discovery for deeper engagement and optimal behavioural change.


A platform designed by experts

bountiXP’s architecture, UI/UX and interactivity design is driven by a team of highly skilled designers, developers, data scientists and content creators who take great pride in their work. This means that you tap into the creative minds of these star players when you use their software.

As you can tell, a multifaceted SaaS-based HR solution like bountiXP is a great option for companies that want their tech tools to engage remote employees in a more comprehensive way. Best of all? This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits of our rather fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) employee recognition and reward platform. Check back soon for more awesome insights!

In the meantime, hop on over to our YouTube channel for short and sweet videos that answer all sorts of burning questions like how to tackle events and celebration for maximum engagement and what you should be considering when you form an employee recognition task team.

Check out our YouTube channel for awesome videos on everything from the science of employee recognition to creating an internal communications strategy for enhanced engagement. 


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