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Why you need bountiXP for a more aligned organisational culture

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An aligned organisational culture is a beautiful thing to behold.

Even if you don’t happen to be a CEO, HR official or an ops manager who knows to look out for this kind of thing, you may have seen it in action before.

It’s the magic ingredient that makes a team work together seamlessly of their own volition towards a shared goal, even though they may come from vastly different backgrounds, age groups and cultures. 

It’s not always at big, fancy businesses either. You may have noticed it at a laundromat, a carwash or your local nursery - this sense that the people who work there are in step with one another, happy to be there and very well suited to their positions within the business.

Walking into a business like that is the emotional equivalent of taking off a nasty shoe that has been pinching you all day or plopping down on the sofa after a run - it’s such a relief.

And therein lies the problem...

The reason it’s a relief to encounter an aligned organisational culture is because it’s so rare. At a time when human resources research indicates that companies that invest in employee experience are four times more profitable than those who don't, and businesses with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147%, it would seem like all businesses should be embracing the idea of driving an aligned culture. Yet, somehow, this is still not the case. 

In this article, we’ll answer the following questions: 


  1. What is an aligned organisational culture? 
  2. What is the bountiXP platform exactly? 
  3. How will bountiXP help me to improve alignment? 

What is an aligned organisational culture?

It’s an inspiring  type of cohesion that cannot be taught or forced, but develops naturally among a workforce who has the good fortune to be working in a space where strategy and culture underpin each other.  In all organisations, employees share fundamental beliefs which are relative to what they need to do to live and succeed. It's these values that define your company culture. Consequently, cultural alignment represents a major strategic asset for business. 


What is the bountiXP platform exactly?

bountiXP is a SaaS-based employee recognition platform that uses a plug-n-play approach to enable businesses to recognise and reward their people for great work.

Employee recognition and reward is a precursor to cultural alignment when it occurs in accordance with a company’s vision and mission. When used correctly, it is a timely acknowledgement, informally or formally, of a person’s actions or behaviours that are above and beyond standard performance and support a company’s values and goals.

In essence, bountiXP is a simple-to-use app and desktop platform that has been developed to allow businesses to say thanks on the fly. However, it’s also much more than that.

Some of its singular functionalities include: 


  • A variety of nomination types that include saying thank you, sending an appreciation, recognising someone and manager rewards (added rewards to further enable the power of social recognition). 
  • A live recognition timeline that allows users to view nominations, add comments, add likes, follow peers and view peer profiles. 
  • Analytics and feedback, including individual feedback, an interactive online dashboard, downloadable reports and business intelligence. 
  • Instant insights at the hand of pulse surveys, template-based questionnaires, as well as custom-designed questionnaires. 
  • Fun and effective micro-learning initiatives for fast, on-the-go knowledge transfer, including custom interactive quizzes, a multimedia communication platform, design challenges and digital innovation.
  • An amazing selection of reward types that include digital vouchers, reward cards, virtual reward cards, an online rewards shop, rewards app and travel mall.  

The best of all?

The entire platform can be tailored to speak to your needs as a company.

At bountiXP, we understand that recognition programs should be able to match the demands of your company, which means it will need to undergo changes constantly, which is why we built it to be able to do so. 


How will bountiXP help me improve alignment?

According to a recent survey of thousands of HR professionals in organisations of varying sizes by Next Concept Human Resource Association (NCHRA), a mere 45% of employers are using technology to improve employee engagement. 

Of those respondents, 92% stated they would like to create a strong internal culture that affects results, and 81% believe that investing in people-focused programs and skills such as onboarding, performance and employee engagement would help increase revenues and profit margins.

In short: globally, the HR folks are all for the tech.

And now this technology is available right here in sunny South Africa, ready to be plugged into your company’s existing processes to smooth the way for a more aligned organisational culture one simple act of employee recognition and reward at a time.

Don’t you think it’s about time your business started to take tangible steps towards using this approach to improve business outcomes from grassroots level all the way to the top?

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